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A Bundle of textures

Thumbnails from Lightroom

A Bundle of Textures Over the last few months I have started using images as textured layers in photoshop.  I have been amazed how subtle these can be, just adding a small amount of depth to images. Dog Walking From a photography aspect, walking the dogs around the same circuit each day can get a […]

Backing-up your Photos – yes, again!

Confession Time Yep, the unthinkable!  I recently lost a batch of images … and I thought I was safe! So, how safe are you?  Read on to see how I fell into this, oh so easy, trap!! It even happens to a techy! We all know the importance of backups, of having a fall back, […]

Adobe lens Correction

Thumbnails from Lightroom

As the volume of my photos has started building up and the speed at which this is increasing has also ramped up, I have started trying to tighten-up my workflow.  I bought DxO, when I first started, used it for a while and then gave up in favour of Lightroom 3.  LR3 seems to have […]