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Property Photography

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Property Photography

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Property Photography

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Property Photography

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Lifestyle Portrait Photography

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Add a touch of Southern France to your walls

Welcome ...

I aim to create photographs with a natural vibrancy; a hint of story telling and perhaps a touch of  mysticism.

Balancing what’s seen through the lens with the capabilities of digital post-processing, I strive to capture the essence of the region, ancient villages, narrow winding streets, open countryside and layers of hills.

My hope is to achieve a mood that draws you in and allows you experience it. To feel the warmth of the golden sun as it slides down towards the horizon and casts a magical purple and golden glow; to imagine breathing in the fresh air from distant mountains detecting a faint aroma of wild thyme and lavender; to hear the cicadas and crickets playing their music …

This region inspired artists like Picasso, Matisse and Dali. It’s pastel hues of purples and violets, rich golden sunsets and dark green hills provide a backdrop like few other regions of Europe.

Ruined castles cling to jagged mountain tops, rivers that have cut deep ravines and water so vivid blue it looks like its been photoshopped.

I try to bring all of this … this light, this history, this culture … to you in my images.


Occitanie / Languedoc

Based in the Occitanie/Languedoc area of South West France and fascinated by its history, the region has an irresistible allure. There is much to discover, to capture and express and the exquisite light in a dawn photography shoot is a favourite.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kiff to anyone who requires quality photography

Lifestyle Portraits

Outside, in your garden or somewhere in the countryside gives casual and natural  photos that you will treasure for years to come.

Absolutely wonderful !

I had no idea I lived in such a beautiful property

… until I viewed your photos

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Property Photography

If you’re looking to rent or sell your property then professional photographs will make a difference.


Provide your customers with an alternative way to take a tour of your property and get a feel for the surroundings.

Various Options Available

Twilight Photography

Add some extra pizzazz to your Property listing with some Twilight Photos.

With or without a pool, a twilight shoot will make your property stand out.