As the volume of my photos has started building up and the speed at which this is increasing has also ramped up, I have started trying to tighten-up my workflow.  I bought DxO, when I first started, used it for a while and then gave up in favour of Lightroom 3.  LR3 seems to have pretty much everything a photographer could need for the main workflow and where it hasn’t, you can easily add a plug-in or link to another external applications, such as Photomatix.

Anyway, the other day, I was looking at the lens correction algorithm in LR3 and found that it didn’t fully correct the barrel distortion on a 17mm wide angle view.  I flicked over to my long neglected copy of DxO and looked at the same RAW file and found instantaneous and accurate correction.  It had immediately recognised the camera model, lens and focal length used on the photo and made all the neceesary corrections.

So adding to that debate that seems to be trickling along in the back ground, about Adobe’s freely published lens profile utility,  it doesn’t seem worth the paper it isn’t written on to me!  Compare these 2 images, one from DxO and one from LR3 – I didn’t want to interfere with this comparison, so they are both the basic RAW files from a bracketed set with no other adjustments done other than lens corrections, so please excuse the colour and other quality issues!

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