A Bundle of Textures

Over the last few months I have started using images as textured layers in photoshop.  I have been amazed how subtle these can be, just adding a small amount of depth to images.

Dog Walking

From a photography aspect, walking the dogs around the same circuit each day can get a little monotonous.  Yet, I started to discover that everything around has a view, whether part of a larger landscape or a macro. And in between, there is a plethora of beautiful colours, textures and patinas.

It was this along with an article written by Dave Wares that discusses why and how to use textures that motivated me to take my camera out on that same circuit and also trawl through my catalogue and select some of the textures that I have collected over time.


For you, free, with out limitations (other than for use as textures) is a collection of images. Each image is 1600 x 1067 pixels and there are 29 of them. Just download the zip file and pop into photoshop….

PS: the zip files is 44Mb!

Did you like them? Pls comment below if so….

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