Confession Time

Yep, the unthinkable!  I recently lost a batch of images … and I thought I was safe!

So, how safe are you?  Read on to see how I fell into this, oh so easy, trap!!

It even happens to a techy!

We all know the importance of backups, of having a fall back, a fail safe solution. I’m a thru and thru techy and know the importance of backups.  AND I did set-up a double layer, one to a USB drive and the other to cloud storage.


So the source of my failure was data corruption.  I tried to split a Lightroom catalog into two and messed it up.  What Lightroom did though was to create my second destination (where I wanted the split part to go) with empty files.  I didn’t notice this and promptly deleted the files from the first part.

No problem, I’ve got them in my backup – which worked fine.  So what’s the problem, you ask?

Sometime Later

Sometime later, I discovered another directory tree that had been affected by the attempted split.  I went back to my backup and … uh..oh … all the files there were ZERO bytes long as well.  Because I had moved the files (copied and then deleted the source) both backup systems did not keep a copy of the source files and then over-wrote the destination files with the ZERO byte files.  Had I noticed this straight away, as I did with the other directory, I could have restored them straight from backup.

A Reminder …

For me, it’s a reminder, firstly how backups work (might be obvious, but it eluded me at the time) and secondly to take a copy out of the cycle every once in a while.  In the old days of tape backup, once a month the tapes were put to one side for a year.

So now I’m going to be copying batches off to DVD every once in a while.  Just in case the un-thinkable happens again.

And for the sake of a stack of DVDs that peace of mind will be well worth it!