Raindrops on leavesHow do you describe a smell or fragrance?  Is there an established language, like wine tasters have to describe the best and latest vintages?  Is this a cheeky fruity little number, or a chocolaty fragrance?  … Why might I want to?

I was out walking the dogs this morning, in the beautiful crisp early morning sunshine that is so normal in these parts, and I walked past a patch of wild thyme.  As you brush past these small and hardy bushes, they exude the most amazing fragrance – but how do you go about describing it;

it’s of the fresh morning air tinged with a hint of lavender,

of exotic places, perhaps with a sprinkling of light rain on dry parched soil,

of a herbiness infused with a wild coarseness

of mild aromatic oils

… are you with me yet?

Perhaps, adding a picture might help … but before anyone bothers,  this isn’t wild thyme!

However, I am always inspired after a rainfall, with the freshness, the dazzling shades of green  and the bright sunlight twinkling through the raindrops, just the smell of that freshness.  Hence, my association with this photo and the smell of the thyme as you brush past it.

Can you smell it yet?