Looking up the estuary from Wivenhoe, Essex

An inspiring moment here by the water … and no camera to capture it with. With only hand luggage on a trip to visit family in the UK, my DSLR remained at home in France.

Beautifully calm, this morning brought early sunshine; rays of sunlight burning through a light mist hanging over the water. An unusually still Cormorant (!) seemed to relish the moment, although it’s said that these coastal birds are often seen ashore holding their wings out in the sun after diving for fish.

With boats tethered on the estuary resting peacefully on their moorings, and a gathering of other water birds enjoying wading in its muddy banks, this moment was asking to be photographed.  Oh for my camera and tripod!

So, the above is just a poor substitute from my Android Phone, taken from the end of the pier belonging to the house I was staying in. I shall dedicate some time with my trusty DSLR along this beautiful piece of coast line in the future.

Maybe I should just call this a recce…