Now that summer really seems to have arrived in the South of France, your rental property is probably looking it’s best, the flowers are out, the pool is clean and beginning to warm up, the trees and shrubs are a vibrant green.

Wouldn’t it be great to capture that in all its glory and tempt those would be customers to go ahead and click on your thumbnail.

But what is it about your listing, among the 1000s of others, that is going to entice someone to click on your listing. You have only a merest fraction of a second to grab that persons attention.  Is it that catchy title? Or that long description with all the facilities you could think of jammed into 250 characters?

Probably not!

More likely it’s the photo.  That wee 200 pixel thumbnail that you thought looked pretty good at full size – you thought the main picture should show some feature of the house/villa but you didn’t think what it would look like shrunk down to such a small size.

You didn’t realise that this tiny thumbnail would make the difference between someone spending €1500 with you or clicking instead on someone with luxurious turquoise pool.

Does the quality of your photos really make that much difference?

Yes, it probably does.

It comes down to that one main photo. Is this worthy of a click or pausing for 20 seconds to read the short description next to the photo.

So might it be worth updating your photos?

A quick update photo shoot can cost a few hundred euros,  only take an hour or so of your time and increase your potential books by a considerable amount.

Here is an example of a quick shoot that found a long term renter for this property within days ..