Boats, ropes and tackle

Boats, ropes and tackle

 I‘m always drawn back to the sea and boats and sailing … an inexplicable attraction, a need.

Perhaps it’s the inevitable feeling of tranquility, or perhaps a “back to childhood” moment – who knows?

The Elements and Me

To be out on the estuary sailing in a dingy, alone relishing the elements – nothing too heroic you understand – just me, the wind and the tides; it’s so absorbing, there could be nothing else in the world that matters. The focus of mind and body, acting in harmony with the dingy, the water and the wind.

Then there’s the return to land, terra firma, with legs tired as if they’ve run a marathon, but an overall feeling of well-being; I feel invigorated and alive.

May be it’s that that draws me back to the sea … an elemental feeling of well-being.


So here is a photo that I took about this time last year and have been drawn back to – I can almost smell the harbour. It brings a smile to my face and makes me want to trawl through my archives to search out some more treasures…

Want to join me … ?