Red sky over village

Red sky in the morning … sheperd’s warning

We’re out on a small road trip around the Tarn area of Southern France, tasting the local produce and taking in the gorgeous scenery. We’re staying in a very pretty village of Monestiés and arrived yesterday in time to join in a local fete in the evening.

Storms were forecast for today, so I looked out of the window at 6 o’clock this morning to find a gorgeous clear pink sky promising a spectacular dawn. I threw some clothes on and grabbed my gear and headed out.

I managed to grab this pic, really just as a warm-up shot. I had another 20 minutes or so until the sun would climb up over the horizon, so I decided to find a better spot.

10 minutes later the clouds rolled in and that was that. I did wander around the village but the light was really flat and grey.

Better luck tomorrow, perhaps!