I’ve decided to follow a one-a-day photo project for the month of March, where, as you may have guessed, I will go out every day and take a picture. But, just a sec, someone else has already decided a theme for each days picture, so I have to get the old grey cells working on some days to come up with something, at least, slightly original. I’ll add to this post each day, so please do come back and have a look…

March 1st – Yellow

I hadn’t picked up the project so missed this one ….

March 2nd – Something Borrowed

something borrowed

Something borrowed from my wife’s workshop.

This is an anti-clastic raising stake borrowed from my wife’s workshop (see her website at Rock Water Studio). Taken with a gentle off-camera flash.

 March 3rd – My name is …

my name is

My name is … Kiff Backhouse

From a framed print hanging on my wall above my desk with reflections from the window.

March 4th – On my mind

on my mind

On My Mind …

OK, I’ve been enjoying chocolate recently and quite often too. It also makes an interesting close up shot with the lines of perspective disappearing into the blur. I used a large aperture to get a tiny depth of field, that is, the focus quickly blurring out. I had to work quickly as it was in partial sunlight and we wouldn’t want to spoil all that lovely chocolate, would we.

March 5th – Something beginning with “i”

something beginning with I

Me, Myself and I

A little tenuous perhaps but the weather here in march has been more like May,, so out for a spin on my trusty off road motor bike – a selfie (me, myself and I) – well, they are all the rage!

 March 6th – Chair

chair at sunset

Chair with evening sky

Running a bit late today, so a quickie in the garden before all the day light disappears. A close up of a garden chair with the orange glow of the already set sun in the background.

March 7th – Fly



Initially, I was a bit stumped on this one and started thinking about an incredibly close photo of a fly with those weird eyes but there weren’t any around. So, I noticed a pair of pigeons when out walking the dogs …

March 8th – In the Corner

Ancient Village Gates in Minervois Village

The Gates to the Ancient Village

Wandering around our village, I came across the ancient 11th-12th century village gate in the corner of a small courtyard.

 Day 9 – 10:00am



 It’s sunday morning and today’s subject is “10:00am”.  I’ve just finished a breakfast of coffee and croissant …

 Day 10 – Far away

Far away on a distant hill

 Far away on a distant hill, wind turbines lazily catching the breeze and colourful evening sky.

 Day 11 – Something Good

Day 11 - Something Good

 Extremely ugly fruit and veg at our local ‘Grand Frais’ fresh produce shop. It must be good for you!