A Weekend Break

A few weeks ago we took a weekend break down on the coast, about an hour’s drive from our house.  The weather was OK, without being fantastic.  It had been raining the previous few days and the wind, as quite often is the case, was strong and blustery

Spring Beach

But the up-shot of all that, is the air was clear and the views, just spectacular!

There can’t be many areas, particularly in Europe, where you can be wandering along the beach with your toes dipping into a “not too cold” sea, with the snow capped mountains in the background.

Storm Damage

At this time of the year, in complete contrast to July and August, the beaches are devoid of (human) life.  No jostling for space, no screaming kids, no frisbees landing on you while trying to take a nap in the sun … just us and our two dogs rushing around enjoying the wind in their ears and playing and playing.

But winter leaves an impressive mark on the beaches.  They are quite often a completely different shape to the year before.  Taller, flatter, longer, more dunes … and of course, absolutely littered with debris.  Tree trunks, logs, branches, loads of bamboo and of course all sorts of man made litter…

Likely Subjects

So, for a photographer, there are plenty of potential subjects to break up the foregrounds, zoom in on or put into soft focus.

To this end, here is a small gallery of my vision, my way of seeing and interpreting these interesting angles…