Take More Pictures

If you haven’t seen advice to take more pictures then here it is for the first time.

If you’ve already seen this 100 times … hang on!  It really works.  Just read on a little more.

DSLR or Compact

I used to lug around my backpack camera bag as much as possible and on the more than rare occasions when I didn’t I would resort to using my Smart Phone Camera or scrounge my wife’s camera to capture anything that caught my eye.

But truth be told, my Sony Xperia phone’s camera is not nearly s good as it’s cracked up to be and scrounging a camera doesn’t really give you the freedom to try things out.

Compact (Point and Squirt)

I love my little point and squirt camera (a recent gift) that I (try) and keep in my pocket where-ever I go … and it has the MOST AMAZING zoom.

Look at these two images and see the windmills in the distance on the first photo and then zoomed in at close to 400mm equivalent in the second photo.

Sunset over the Pyrenees

Sunset over the Pyrenees (with a tiny cluster of windmills on a hill top)

Windmills on a hilltop

Big Zoom on a tiny camera

Now, I’m quite pleased with those images, not just the amazing zoom which enables me to see things that my DSLR can’t but also with the composition of the windmills.

Peer Review

It’s always interesting to get feedback.  Many of these Photo sites don’t really give you critical feedback, which they should. After all most of the people on these sites are other Photographers and all you get is “Great capture” or “Nice One” but putting this aside for a moment, it made me smile that my the highest scoring picture that I submitted to 500px last year (2013) was taken with my point ans squirt camera.


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