From a trip to Nimes back in August, this is the interior of the Modern Art Museum.  I previously posted a picture of the outside (here) and have been waiting for the chance to process some more of these shots.  The museum was designed by a master of modern commercial architecture, Lord Norman Foster (designer of the “Gerkin” Office building in London) and built in 1993.

This image is a 3 frame HDR, tonemapped and then layered and altered in Photoshop to give it a painted (almost like an architects impression) feeling.  I wasn’t allowed to use a tripod inside, so I had the camera balanced on the top railing – not a time to fumble!

You need to zoom in to appreciate some parts of the image as all the walls, floors, steps and railing panels are in glass!!

Bonus Picture:

There’s lots of layers of glass in this, mixed with the relections from outside including the table and chairs at a cafe across the street.