I went out on an early morning shoot the other day, hoping for a great sunrise and wonderful soft morning light.  Having caught the rising sun in a few shots, I moved on to another location.

Then the clouds came over and everything went really grey. Dark, even.

A Different View

I’ve been meaning to stop off at this Château for some time. It’s not so far from home and I had imagined trying to catch it in natural, early morning sunlight. However, as that had disappeared a slightly different view of it presented itself. I followed what the natural light had to offer.

It was trickier than I thought. The river is a long way below the Château and lugging camera and tripod along a wet and slippery river bank was a bit un-nerving.

January in the Languedoc region of France is chilly; too cold to take my boots off and wade into the water for the best angle.

Looking into the picture, my wife sees mossy greens suggesting a cosy warmth. A secret glade.

maybe I’ll try again when it warms up a bit…

Techy bits

3 frame HDR, Photomatix 4, PS (a few layers, changes to hue and contrast), Topaz Adjust. Taken with a Polarizing filter.