A Randonnée

Yesterday was Rando day (a French abbreviation for randonnée which means hiking) where members of the village go off for a day or half day’s hike in the local country side.A very sociable time and great for my French.

Misty Views

The views around here are spectacular.  Often, one can see 120+kms across the valleys to the snow capped Pyrennees in the distance; sometimes seeming so close that you could pop across for a few hours skiing; sometimes hovering above a layer of misty cloud hanging in different layers across the valleys and vineyards.

The Marin

Yesterday, however, the clouds had blown in on the warm damp air from the Mediterranean (known as the Marin wind) scudding across a very low sky, heavy and threatening.

Home and Dry

Luckily, the rain did not come!  We got home warm and dry.  And I even managed to click a few frames despite that grey mist!

Techy bits

Both shots were from hand held, 3 frame HDR, processed in Oloneo’s PhotoEngine and a few layers, dodged and burnt (non-destructively) in Photoshop

By the way, I’m finding that I get a lot of noise using Photomatix 4 – is this just me or has anyone else noticed this???  Please do let me know.