At this time of year, in the Languedoc region of France, the evening light is SO soft and beautiful mixed with the autumnal colours of the season.  With all the different varieties of grapes, each vine-yard turns a different colour and the region is covered in a patchwork of reddy-browns, bright yellows and burnt umbers.

Clear views and blue skies

Much of our autumn is filled with clear views and blue-blue skies. So last night, I headed out for a circuit around the local hills and vineyards to stock up on some of those autumn colours.  Within a few miles/kilometers I realised that the air was very hazy, almost steamy like a sauna.  But as they say “there is no such things as bad light”, you just have to change your attitude, so on I went.


So, whilst waiting for the sunset, sitting on top a stony knoll and waiting for the sun to dip below the horizon, I took a couple of test shots.  Looking at them on the LCD on the camera, they looked all murky and indistinct.  So I packed up and headed home.

Lesson learnt

Having loaded up the frames and run them through Photomatix this was the result. You may think that it has been heavily photoshopped, but NO, not much.  A few layers to bring out the hills in the middle distance, another to bring out the hues in the sky and a curves … et voila!  It is a 3 frame HDR processed in photomatix 4.

Lesson: don’t give up, keep on going ….