Quotidien (-» Daily)

Every day, our dogs get taken out for a walk, normally twice.  A task I share with my wife, Gee, so I normally get to stomp around in the freezing cold dry winds (from Jan thro March anyway) with one elderly dog in tow and the other one zipping around all over the place, generally trying to make as much mischief as possible! Puppy Jasper isn’t yet allowed out, but will, I’m sure add to the mischief when he is!

Grab it and run!

Morning or evening, as I head out the door , I reach over and grab my camera bag.  You never know, it might be an amazing sunset. Or perhaps that lovely soft peach and velvety mauve early evening that seems characteristic of this area.

But more often than not, it isn’t …

At this time of year, It’s just cold and bare!


So recently, I’ve started photographing textures.  I’m sure they will be useful soon and my collection of textures, inspired by the natural countryside, is developing well; pebbles, rocks, grass, bamboo, tree bark, pine needles and more.  The more I do, the more I see; the more I see, the more I’m inspired.


Today, whilst busy searching for more textures, I came across this lovely old wreck parked off the side of a vineyard, long since surrounded by trees.  The whole body seemed devoid of paint and had rusted to this wonderful rich colour.  A warmth amidst the biting wind.

Having processed this picture, I think I’ll have to head back and take some more.  Maybe tomorrow!

Techy bits

A single frame HDR, processed in RAW to -2,0,+2 EV, layered in photoshop with one sharpened and one smoothed and then masked, with a little Topaz Adjust sprinkled on top!

A Complete Wreck