Love at first sight

Yesterday saw a trip to the all new Perpignan TGV station from where my daughter would be travelling to Barcelona.

I admit to a feeling of love at first sight when I caught a glimpse of the station’s amazing new look.

Feat of Engineering

Over the last few years, France and Spain have been co-operating in building a new TGV line down to the South Coast of Spain. What a feat of engineering it has been! A new tunnel has been bored underneath the Pyrennees and a totally new track laid all the way down to Barcelona.

I’ve read somewhere that we’ll soon be able to take the TGV all the way through Europe from Savilla, right down near the Portugese border, to Stockholm (Sweden). That’s over 3000km according to Google maps! How true this is or when it will be in place, I’m not sure, but it sure sounds great.

Perpignan TGV Station

Anyway, back to Perpignan. Modern architecture continues to fascinate me – I love it. The French truly have a flair for it with their spirited style and fantastically bright colours.

So feast your eyes on this superb piece of town design. Dazzling colours, enchanting perspectives, amazing achievement and conundrums of construction.

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  1. gee backhouse | compass pendants 15 Jul ’11 at 3:21 pm #

    Love these images you’ve created … and also the idea of travelling somewhere by train in France. Such a variety of destinations and this station now seems the perfect place to start!

  2. Christian 18 Jul ’11 at 10:29 pm #

    El Centre del Món – Perpignan – France by L35 Architects Barcelona

    • Kiff Backhouse 23 Jul ’11 at 4:12 pm #

      Christian – many thanks for the proper name. I was interested to see that you also did the Polygone in Béziers. I wasn’t allowed to photograph there! I got stopped and asked to leave!

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