Why Property Photography

Love at First Sight?

If you’re looking to rent or sell your property then professional photographs are essential.

Poor photographs often put people off immediately. Average photographs work occasionally and good photographs can get your property onto the potential customer’s “I’m interested” list.

Great photos go further. Great photos dramatically increase the likelihood that a potential buyer will click through to find out more about your property. Ultimately, it’s this extra step that improves your chance of a sale or rental.

Says Who?

If you’re someone who likes things backed up by research, Redfin, a technology-powered property broker, has illustrated that homes with professional photographs get more page views and ultimately sell for a higher price.

Personally, I like things backed up by my own evidence. I am a professional property photographer and one of my clients has a holiday rental business here in France. So far, I’ve photographed a portion of their portfolio and the project continues. What’s interesting is that over the years, my client has spotted a marked increase in the number of rentals for those properties listed using my professional photographs. More specifically, she’s enjoyed up to a 300% increase in bookings.

So what makes great property photography?

Great photography gives your potential clients a virtual tour of your property that leaves them wanting to see it for real. Yes, it shows them the key factors such as the rooms, the layout of the kitchen and how the space is divided up. It’s great photography, however, that captures the character of the property, reveals its charm and gives your clients a hint of what their stay there might actually feel like.

Making this happen takes two key ingredients: the right equipment and the right experience. I use a professional camera, a variety of lenses and a comprehensive range of lighting equipment.

When I walk into a property, I know which angles are going to work best for which shots. I also have a knack for seeing facets of the property that get missed if you’re too familiar with it. The tempting view of a pool through palm fronds, the impressive beams that have been lovingly restored, the summery bowl of fresh mediterranean fruit. You get the picture (excuse the pun).

After the shoot comes the post processing which, I am keen to impress, is not all about photoshopping. To me, the idea of enhancing images through too much touching up misleads your potential clients. My preferred approach is to use a relatively new technique in digital photography. Broadly speaking, it’s more to do with taking several photos of the same shot, each one with different settings, and then layering them together.

This technique increases the tonal range of a photo and hence gives a greater depth of detail. The result is photos that very closely resemble what your clients would see with their own eyes if they were wandering around your property in person.

These photos give your clients the very best view of your property.