Photo of the Day – The inner gate at Cabrerolles

The Inner Gate at Cabrerolles

The Inner Gate at Cabrerolles

We’re visiting the small village of Cabrerolles situated on the edge of the escarpment that makes the Massif Central. The village has commanding views across the plains towards the Mediterranean sea in the distance.

In yesterday’s post we passed the church with its steep steps up to the bell tower. We followed the cobbled streets on up until we turned a corner and looked up the hill towards the ruined castle. So ruined in fact that there was little left of it. It was pillaged over hundreds of years for its building stone and now it is being rebuilt and should regain its former glory.

As we continue to climb up the hill we pass through the inner gates with the castle, clinging to the rocky hillside, towering above us.

We pause to catch our breath and look back through the gates to get a glimpse of the promised view across the plains. It’s a little too hazy to see the glittering Mediterranean. With the sun beating down on us as we continue to climb.